Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Savings for summer

Summer Savings with Automation!

Summer is here and while its still gloomy here on the west coast, The east is scorching! Of course that means that energy bills are going to go up. You can do like your parents did and tighten that energy spending belt, or you can get with the new technology that is saving home owners money on their bill.

Southern California Edison is now offering rebates on lighting controls. you can recieve rebates of up to $10.00 for every motion sensor.
You can find the rebate pdf by clicking on the link.

Southern California Edison rebate fact sheet.

As you can see, there are alot of different lighting controls that will get you money back... so when Thinking about how much a motion sensor costs (12.50 at and about how much the rebate is (10.00) and then calculate the motion sensor savings and you will see that the sensor not only pays for itself... it also saves you money in the long run!

Big Deal









Brand Name up-sale

In today's society, (the hyper-sexual, capitalist, do-or-die, get mine before you get yours society that is) your name is everything. be it dior, versace, gucci, mcdonalds, wendy's, carl's jr., starbucks, peet's, coffe bean, even the more specialized leviton, hubbell, lutron, Pass & Seymore, Thats right, brand names are taking over and damned if you dont have an i-pad, or PS3.

The worst part about it is that no one can see the forrest for the trees when it comes to quality manufacturing. A little detective work will lead you to find out that leviton and hubbell have manufacturing facilities overseas... So if im Buying a product that was made in China, and instead of having the words "made in china" i get the words "Pass & Seymore", Im basically paying a higher price for them to imprint different letters.

Why must we succumb to all this mass marketing. Why do we link quality with a name. In the world of business it makes sense to make a product as efficiently as possible and sometimes that means cheap.

Why not cut out the middle man instead! Chinese electrical supply manufacturers are making more and more connections with mid scale businesses. and you can find manufacturers for all types of products.

Take advantage of oversea business by contacting smaller companies like; Big Deal Electric in santa Ana, California. They find the most inexpensive distributer usually one that is local (to waive any shipping) so you can recieve the best price.

for instance a leviton manual on occupancy sensor will cost you $15.57 w/o shipping!
at Big Deal Electric they sell the same type of motion sensor... for only $10.00!
USPS flat rate shipping is only 6.00 so i get the same switch for much less.

Every one of their products will beat or match the "leading" Brand name.

So do yourself a favor and research local electric suppliers like Big Deal Electric.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Saving Money with Home Automation

Energy Saving Products!

Now that environmentalism is "in", everyone should look into "greening their home"...

By that of course i mean buying energy saving light controls such as motion sensors, dimmers, and timers. Installation is easy and the cost is not too high.

Personally, When i updated my home about two years ago, I wanted to find the best possible prices for these "green" items. I know you have to invest in green technology and that "down the line" it will pay for itself, but i cant stand paying more than 15.00 for what is essentially a light switch...

When searching through the internet We stumbled upon Big Deal Electric and They had the best prices on the internet by far!

You can find them at

Big Deal Electric Supply


We would like to introduce ourselves as the new Electric Supply with the lowest prices in Orange County and probably the internet! We are located by 1st St. and Grand St. We specialize in Occupancy Sensors and other "green" products. our philosophy is that quality merchandise can be sold inexpensively if we work on finding the lowest prices possible from our manufacturers.

We currently stock ; Motion Sensors, Dimmers, Timers, GFCI, Receptacle, Switches, Wall plates, locking plugs and receptacles, and DATA-COM.